Creigiau Golf Club
Local Rules


(a) Beyond all hedges, fences and White stakes marking the course boundaries, including the practice ground bordering the 15th, 17th and 18th holes.
(b) When playing the 15th hole, beyond the white stakes that extend to the left of the 15th fairway. However the 15th fairway is not out of bounds when playing the 17th hole in which case the stakes are immovable obstructions.
(c) The clubhouse environs and practice putting green defined by white stakes

(a) Any area encircled by white lines.
(b) Stake trees, artificially surfaced pathways and their edgings, and bridges are immovable obstructions.
(c) For a ball in the General area, the player may take relief under Rule16.1b. If an immovable obstruction (e.g. a sprinklerhead) is on the line of play and within two club-lengths of both the putting green and the ball. Exception - no relief is available under this Local Rule when the line of play chosen by the player is clearly unreasonable.
Play Zones (marked by white stakes with green tops) from which play is prohibited. A players must take free relief by dropping the ball within one club-length of the Drop Zone marker situated behind the green, and no nearer the hole.

(a) All ponds and ditches are penalty areas whether containing water or not. Penalty areas are defined by either red or yellow stakes or lines. Where stakes indicate a penalty area, the straight line from stake to stake determines the margin of the penalty area.
(b) Where a ball enters and re,ains in the penalty area to the left of the 9th fairway marked with reda stakes, as an additional relief option under Rule 17.1, a player may drop the original ball, or another ball, on the opposite side of the penalty area within two club-lengths of the edge of the penalty area and no nearer the hole.

Penalty of Breach of a Local Rule
Match Play - Loss of Hole
Stroke Play - Two stokes